Saturday, September 10, 2005

Weekend regroup.....

Ahhh...Saturday! Usually, I spend Saturday at the office organizing and planning for the weekend ahead. However, after a day full of meetings yesterday, I decided to take a well deserved day off. Faculty meeting Friday's are especially the meetings tend to drag on and on.....yesterday was extra long becuase it started an hour early with a "welcome back" breakfast. Great--welcome back to faculty follies--please welcome the new cast: 5 new tenure-track, 6 or so new staff additions, and some adjuncts. These will be the only ones who show up on time to the rest of the faculty meetings---and we will sit waiting patiently to begin each meeting until we have a quorum so we can vote on some ridiculously tedious item on the agenda. Well, at least the new chair put the agenda on cute paper so I have figures to add to my doodles.

After faculty follies...the rest of the day sailed by. Spent the evening with friends and laughed a little which was overdue. Today some miscellaneous errands were completed and I have clean sheets waiting for me on my bed. Time to go curl up with a book and contemplate the rest of my weekend.

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