Friday, September 23, 2005

Reflections on a love lost

He was not the typical guy to whom I would normally be attracted. He was rather thin, and a sensitive type with no college degree, a child and the recent experience of a difficult divorce. He was the most romantic man I have ever met; in fact, he nearly crossed the line of 'trying to hard' but yet never quite fell into that status because he really meant everything he said and did so much for me because he cared and he liked to see me smile. He scared me away at first because he was so intense; but he won me over with his gentle nature and ability to share his thoughts and dreams. It only lasted a few weeks, circumstance kept us apart but the impression on my heart is everlasting. It was the biggest heartbreak I have endured and I thought that one day I would look back and say it wasn't real. But time does not a relationship make, he was the love that I longed for and the memory will never completely fade away.

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