Friday, September 23, 2005

People are surprised....

I saw this post on jo(e)'s page and it inspired me (as many posts there do because jo(e) is a wonderful writer and draws me in everytime I read a post).

Things about me that surprise my friends:

1) I love playing video games, not the car racing or sports type games, but the puzzle solving, character direction varieties.

2) My undergrad GPA is pathetic..actually really hideous (the freedom of college life was a bit overwhelming for me). Thank goodness that I am really good at standardized tests or I wouldn't be finishing a Ph.D.--no one would have ever believed I had the potential.

3) I am a complete "neat freak" at home even though my office always looks like train wreck.

4) My age....never met anyone yet that can guess it correctly. {Thankfully, everyone guesses too low...I'll start really worrying when the standard error is in the opposite direction.}

5) I do not intend to have children...while really facinated by the biological potential to create a "mini me" and I do love kids (I am the cool adult in my family that during holiday meals sits a the kids table...and it is because I want to, not because I am the "old maid" of the bunch), one of the best things about kids is that they go home to someone else.

6) I really dread social gatherings (of medium to large size). I'm fine once I get there and start mingling...but I hate the whole "find something to wear", worrying about if I'll know anyone, etc.

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