Saturday, May 20, 2006

Airport Blogging

Well, I survived house hunting and I'm sitting in the airport being very happy that I am not looking at any more houses. I found one!!! No picture to post as it is not yet finished but will be in plenty of time before my move at the end of the summer. After seeing somewhere between 27 and 30 homes (lost count in the middle of day 2), I am just extremely relieved to have found one I love. Of course, it was the very last house I saw but I knew it was perfect almost from the moment we stopped across the street. It's a 2 story. I have never lived in 2 story home before but have always wanted to. It has a great backyard for the dog I plan to have someday in the very near future.

Time to board...more house stories later.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thing number 1009 that stresses me out

I am house hunting and I hate it! Why am I more able to handle job and/or school stress better than personal life stress.? [OK, so sometimes I really suck at that stress too; but it is familar stress and this is a whole new stressful country with scary words like mortgage, inspection, escrow, and realtor.] I am spoiled after living in the same place for many years and always being a renter. I like coming home to my couch and curling up with the cat and my blanket and forgetting about school or work; however when the home is the source of your stress, where am I supposed to go to curl up??

I want to be a genie and blink my eyes and have the perfect house with all my furniture moved in and all I have to do is beam myself there. [Did I mention I hate driving too? ] I don't want to have to look at houses and arrange for movers or pack my stuff up.

How can other people seem to have so much fun looking at houses and imagining how their furniture will be arranged? I don't get it. I just want this all to be done so I can sleep at night and quit worrying about this and go back to my more familar stressful worry zone related to writing, research, and teaching. I like that worryworld better.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today I celebrate. . .

  1. Surviving a super graduation weekend. The party was marvelous. I think my friends had a good time and I most defnitely did.
  2. The success of DA's surgery, once again she is an overachiever and came through with flying colors and looks wonderful!!
  3. Finding the top of my was under all that @#$%.
  4. The glory of an afternoon nap. Why don't I do this more often?
  5. Regrouping and making new 'to do' lists. I have always loved the beginning of semesters for their newness and the sense of starting over. Now after a successful defense and graduation, I am at another kind of "newness" in my life.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Bullets of Crap: End of Semester Edition

  • It is finally time to take the defense ticker off my page--coming up on 2 weeks since officially getting the PhD. However, I am leaving the exclamation point [Ph.D.!] on my email signature until after graduation this weekend.
  • House hunting is very overwhelming. #1 a new task for statgirl and #2 not as easy when shopping from out of state. Will be traveling to new city soon to look at actual properties.
  • Graduation is this weekend. Family arrives on Friday--oh dear, please save me from any potential family explosion or embarassing moment. P.S. This is probably a ridiculous expectation but I'm asking for it anyway.
  • I have 2 papers left to grade. Why don't I just finish them up and be done? No!--I'm updating my blog.
  • No F's this semester (as in grades earned by my students).
  • I haven't seen the top of my desk in weeks and I have no motivation to clear it off.
  • I have nothing to wear under my robes for graduation. Need a new outfit for the party after the hooding.
  • I finally have a gift for DA for graduation; but am worried she won't like it. I want her to have a "keepsake" type gift and those are hard to come up with. She is a difficult one to figure out what she would like.
  • Still need to write the 'thank you's' for the people who wrote letters of rec. for my during the job hunt. Yes, I am horribly behind in this dept.
  • I never sent out graduation announcements--used the e-vite thing for party invites but couldn't bring myself to actually get real addresses and send the cute little printed announcements with my name and degree in them. I should feel bad about this but I do not.
  • I am spending an entire week on the beach to celebrate being done. Hey! That may require a new countdown ticker!!