Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thing number 1009 that stresses me out

I am house hunting and I hate it! Why am I more able to handle job and/or school stress better than personal life stress.? [OK, so sometimes I really suck at that stress too; but it is familar stress and this is a whole new stressful country with scary words like mortgage, inspection, escrow, and realtor.] I am spoiled after living in the same place for many years and always being a renter. I like coming home to my couch and curling up with the cat and my blanket and forgetting about school or work; however when the home is the source of your stress, where am I supposed to go to curl up??

I want to be a genie and blink my eyes and have the perfect house with all my furniture moved in and all I have to do is beam myself there. [Did I mention I hate driving too? ] I don't want to have to look at houses and arrange for movers or pack my stuff up.

How can other people seem to have so much fun looking at houses and imagining how their furniture will be arranged? I don't get it. I just want this all to be done so I can sleep at night and quit worrying about this and go back to my more familar stressful worry zone related to writing, research, and teaching. I like that worryworld better.


phd me said...

I don't know if my recent house hunting was fun, exactly, but the end result was worth the effort. House hunting - and everything that goes along with it, like ownership - is definitely stressful but I'm so tired of renting, of not having my own home, of feeling displaced somehow, that I can't wait to move into the new place, stressful as I know it's going to be. Good luck; I hope all the stress pays off for you in the end!

Seeking Solace said...

I agree. One of my friends went through the process last year and it was a total nightmare. But the end result was that she did find a great house. So, maybe there is a sweet reward out there for you.

Abbey said...

I dread having to house hunt. The whole idea of staying still for more than a year and having to be responsible if something goes wrong scares the crap out of me too.

I will note Youngin decided to buy a house recently. He saw one house, bought it, done. Literally took him one day to look at it and a few days paperwork. Course his only criteria was price and proximity to campus.

Astroprof said...

I don't like house hunting, either. Fortunately, my department chair does a bit of reality on the side. After telling him what I wanted, he found a house that was just about exactly what I was after. I bought it, and I am not in any way inclined to move again.