Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Information please?

Just sat through the most disorganized informational meeting ever organized by any university....Dissertation Formatting. Hey! There are some things I actually need to know ...can you give me that information, please?? Apparently not. I did learn, however, that there is a reason that they keep a person closed in an office proofreading dissertations and theses--marking them all up with notations about using triple spacing, correct headings, inverted pyramid titles, and following the Chicago Manual of Style--this person has to be kept away from human contact--she has no social skills and is completely incapable of even organizing a simple presentation (Instead she is using overhead transparancies from at least 2 editions of APA style previous to the current edition). She has one shining smile moment when she shows a page which has been obliterated with proofreading marks and remarks like a proud mother "I did this one." Please, please....someone put her back in her office and lock the door.

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