Monday, September 12, 2005


Now that the only break we get until Thanksgiving is's 5 day weeks for a while. So now it really feels like the school year has begun. Of course, since I took the entire weekend off from work I am starting out this week already behind does that happen? How can I be behind already this early in the semester?

One problem with my overall plan for the semester is that I had the brillant idea that I would stay over a week ahead in my new class preps. Works well insofar as I don't stress about not being ready...but now I spend an hour or so before class going back over the notes I made 2 weeks ago..refreshing myself on what I planned to do. This is only with the class that is a complete new prep--so I suppose after I teach it this semester, it will not require the "refreshing stage" for course modifications the next time around. I just need to decide if this really a better use of my time or should I just prep in the few days ahead of the class period and stress about it.

A positive note as I was leaving the building this evening---I ran into 2 former students in the computer lab who stopped me to tell me how helpful the class they took with me last fall has been in their subsequent coursework. (These were not top students nor students who "needed" to suck up because they will have to take another class with me.) It's nice to hear this occasionally....especially since I teach the classes everyone loves to hate-- research methods and statistics. Believe me, it is far more common to over conversations of "why do we have to take THAT class".

To do list for tomorrow:

  • Finish article critique
  • Book airline ticket
  • Put together z-score lecture notes
  • Grade stat homework
  • Organize writing plan (reorganize the whiteboard and timline)

    Need to get a little "for fun" reading in tonight.....

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