Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blackboard Thread of Terror

I suppose it does not bode well for the upcoming exam in one course I teache when I discover an entire thread on the course discussion board which starts with "I can't find the hypothesis in the qualitative study". So I shouldn't have been surprised by another comments later on in the thread "Do you know if anything from the textbook will be covered or is it just the lecture?" --Dude! Where do you think I get the topic for my lecture!!?? ---I am not one of those profs who "reads" the textbook to students and calls it "lecture"---but my lecture certainly parallels the assigned readings in the book and I choose examples that compliment and contrast with the examples in the text--so, YES, I assume you are reading the book. Furthermore, this is a GRADUATE level course---take some responsibility for your own learning.

OK--I'm irritated....I'm getting over it......but tomorrow will be another round.

UPDATE on "what is wrong with people?" post --I actually got a return call from the manager of the restaurant where offensive comments were made by our waitress. After wishing I would have left a note, I did call the restaurant and left a message expressing my concern that one their staff would say such things to customers. He apologized, offered a free breakfast to our group and assured me that the staff was informed that those types of comments were not appropriate and would not be tolerated. --- Small victory--I'm not usually one to stand up and speak out, but it's time I do.

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