Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Credit/Debit analysis of the day.....

Accomplishments today:

  1. Completed IRB communication and clarified miscommunication
  2. Lunch with new colleague (she seems OK)
  3. Cleaned office and organized papers
  4. Graded student papers (wanted to beat head against desk multiple times)
  5. Talked with students who came to office hours this early in the semester (wow!, of course, these students are not the likely candidates to actually NEED to be at office hours)
  6. Taught class (went well...good participation by students)

Failures today:

  1. Unable to reschedule appt (going to have to go at inconvenient time tomorrow)
  2. Did not complete lesson plan for next week
  3. Did not finished review of conference proposals due very soon
  4. Should have responded to some emails I'm avoiding

A busy, but mostly productive day. Tomorrow must deal with some of those failures.......

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