Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No Progress Day

My day has been messed up from the beginning...couldn't come to work at my usual time because of a dentist I went to the grocery store this am. Never been to the grocery store before on a Wednesday was kind of scary. It was senior citizen shoparama and a few guys from the fire department. Not a real engaging crowd. Hhmmm....and I though my usual Friday stop at the grocery after work was sad. Finally got to work this afternoon but just can't seem to get going on I have been surfing the internet and vacation shopping. Looking for a getaway during the semester break. It's kind of sad that I really don't have any place here in the US that I am just dying to visit--I'm fairly well traveled and really alway aim for Europe (I speak fluent French and like to practice.) Went to Montreal last year......where to go next? Ideas?

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