Monday, September 05, 2005

I am not a miracle worker!

I checked my work email account tonight in preperation for the workweek ahead and here is what I find (a "nutshell" paraphrased version as you wouldn't want to really read every word): "Dear Statgirl, X highly recommended you to me and says you were a great help with her data analyses. I'm doing an experimental project which requires some very simple analyses. I need help figuring out the program and analyzing my data. I was hoping you could help me. -Doc student" --Thus far, I'm OK, this is typical email for me....but then, a second email immediately following the first "Dear Statgirl--I just found out that the deadline to submit for graduation this semester is in October, so I need to have a draft of my results completed by next week. I HAVE TO graduate this semester. Thanks! --Doc Student"
Good planning, Doc Student----so how long have you been at the university and just realized there are deadlines for submitting things??? Maybe if finishing was really this important to you, you should have considered getting help sooner? Maybe mapped out the due dates at least and planned a little?

I'm a cranky statgirl.....time for some sleep.

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