Tuesday, September 13, 2005

National Stupid People Day...

It must be! Stupid highlights of the day:

A student contacts my colleague to find out if the test this week will be out of the 'required' or 'supplemental' texts---well, considering that the supplemental text for this course is the APA style manual and the lecture notes have been in reference to the required text as well as homework from the required text. . . -- What is wrong with this student?

I have been reading homework assignments from my students --I have 62 students in 2 sections of a course I teach. Of these 62 students, 8 of them missed a question in which the answer to the question was given in the first sentence of the abstract of the article, and was also repeated in the first paragraph of the article--> They didn't even have to read the article to get the answer, it was right there! I used this format so it was equivalent for the other articles where the answer was not directly stated and students had to formulate a response. Needless to say...these 8 students didn't get those right either.

Next, another colleague was swamped with emails this morning from a list serve she belongs to--2 of the messages were from people asking for help about how to get off of the list so they wouldn't get so much email. Like most listserv's, this one has instructions for how to remove yourself at the bottom of each email sent out. So these people are getting those instructions appoximately 10 times each day. Can people not read???

Received phone message from student who missed class last night asking if they may take the quiz which was given. "I know your syllabus says that make up quizzes will not be given, however I was really tired and just couldn't make it to class"--- Wow..too bad I can't skip class when I am tired!

Student email received today: "I was wondering if we could use the 5th edition of the text instead of the 6th....that one is much cheaper online. " --What has this student been reading for the last 4 weeks of class while she was deciding which edition to order?? Note: The exam is this week...no way you will get that book in time to read 6 chapters and prepare.

I give up........

One more just in..... email exchange with student:
Stu Dent: Can I come to your office tomorrow morning to go over some of the material covered in class last week?
Statgirl: I'm sorry, Stu Dent, but tomorrow I am booked all morning and will not be back in the office until my scheduled office hours starting at 3:30. If that will not work for you, my schedule Thursday is fairly open.
Stu Dent: OK, I understand, however, my Thursday is pretty full. So , I hate to ask this, but how about tomorrow in the afternoon around 2:30 instead of the morning?

OK....what is unclear about I will not be in my office until 3:30???

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