Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thoughts before noon on Thursday....

Several things going on...maybe will blog in greater detail later after my day calms down. Preliminary thoughts:

1) Again I spent another Wednesday evening with DA and GB---drank a martini, ate, and played cards. This is a good thing (ah shit...I sound like Martha Stewart) and really helps me to relax midway in my week.

2) Why do some people have to escalate a discussion to a higher level by raising their voice and interupting? I'm really trying hard to understand this persons point but yelling doesn't make it any clearer (my hearing is fine), what I need to understand is the reasoning they went through to arrive at the disputed conclusion. If you won't explain your reasoning will you at least let me explain mine?

3) I finally got in contact with my friend who is on sabbatical! She is living on the other side of the big pond and I am planning to visit her on my spring break...woo hoo. It's been a few years since my last voyage across the pond, I can hardly wait. Looking forward to some good food, wine, people watching and of course, some quality time with my friend. She will need a name for my blog .....hmmm...have to think of something creative.

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