Sunday, October 02, 2005

I want to do the number meme too!

It was Jo(e) who started this one....

Number of years my cat has allowed me to live with and take care of her: 13
Number of organic catnip mice her highness currently has in her possession: 2
Number of classes I teach: 3
Number of students I have this term:71
Number of computers I own: 2
Number of sisters I have: 1
Average number of times I eat every day: I'm a constant grazer.
How many academic conferences I went to last year: 2
How many "angry chick music" CDs I own: 22
Number of musical instruments I can play: 3
How many times I've been to California: 3
How many times I've been to Europe: 4
How many times I've been to Florida: 6
How far, in miles, I live from my parents: not far enough
Number of left-handed siblings I have: I'm the only lefty in the family
How far, in miles, I live from the nearest grocery store: .8
Pairs of cute black shoes I own: 12
Number of television shows I watch each week: 0--nothing regular, but several mindless shows I will stare at when bored or avoiding work including all the Law & Order, CSI type series.
How many students in my high school class: who cares...high school is over.
Number of college degrees I have: 4 (including the PhD I will have by the end of this academic year).
Years I've lived in this town: 8
Number of cars I've owned: 4
Number of cars I've purchased new: 1
Number of words I should be writing daily to finish my dissertation : approximately 750
Number of job postings in my field in the Chronicle so far: 2 (I'm not anxious about finding a job at all....STRESS!)

OK....back to writing a test.

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