Sunday, October 30, 2005

Random Sunday Thoughts

  1. Why are some people so negative? NG is constantly asking how many application packets I have sent out and to where and then she immediately follows my response with a litany of reasons why I would never get hired in said locations. Thankfully, I think she is full of pooh and has some weird need to do this to make herself feel good. I'm assuming the job search was a difficult process for her and she has to relive it now in a more positive way (from her point of view) since she is no longer experiencing it???
  2. How did I aquire 5 pair of brown pants (granted, they are different shades)? Do I really need to be able to wear brown everyday for an entire workweek? Maybe I should go shoe shopping, I think I need more brown shoes to go with all the brown pants. . . .
  3. Fall back weekend is a great time of the year....nothing like looking at the clock on a Sunday and being surprised by how much time remains in the weekend!

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