Friday, October 14, 2005

2 gigantic martinis later....

I am feeling much better and am OK with the fact that I did absolutely nothing productive today. Now, of course, I recognize that this is really not a good thing but I am going to live with it anyway because I had a really good time laughing about ridiculous things and also engaging in some fairly serious conversation about DOG (I mean GOD). Essentially, a discussion about religon and the role it plays in everyday life (mine and my friends).

Another good thing today...I heard from a friend from way back (more than 7 years ago) who contacted me out of the blue and reminded me how much we used to laugh in my previous grad program. For as competitive as it was...those of us who really didn't give a damn about where we stood in the hierarchy (I was OK with being a B student and living with one of the most competitive people in the cohort) really had fun. Not that I am not having fun now, I am.....but fun for a different reason....I really like what I'm doing now and being good at what I do is very important to me and it comes to me much easier in this field than my previous grad school experience where I worked very hard for everything I got. (I'm not saying I don't work hard now, I's just a different level of working hard and understanding leading to a different kind of happiness). that my post has fully demonstrated the effect of 2 huge ass matini's...I'm ready for some sleep, I think.

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