Monday, October 31, 2005

New admissions policy for grad school

If I could change the admissions application for graduate programs, I would ask candidates if they had at any time in their academic undergraduate career sent an email that in any way ressembles this one : "Dear Statgirl, Will I pass this class?".

If so, then the student is probably not a good candidate for grad school, I probably don't need to read the recommendation letters or see the GRE scores. Simply by asking this question, the student has already demonstrated an inability read a syllabus and calculate their standing (grade) in the class. This also shows that the student does not realize that grades are not 'assigned', they are earned according to performance standards. The student does not understand that they are really the only person who knows if they possess the ability to "pass this class" based on requirement completion and effort expended. Furthurmore, if the student found themselves in this position in undergrad classes then he or she is not likely to be able to make it in a more difficult graduate program.

--Yes, my costume today is "Cranky Prof".

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