Monday, July 24, 2006

Ticker Update

Notice that my ticker has gone from "3 days ..." to "7 days ..."--call from moving company today indicated that the delivery will be at the maximum days they quoted (go figure) --no sense sitting in an empty house for too many days. So, bad news is that I don't get to start getting settled in my new house which I am very excited about. Good news is that I have a few days to just relax a bit --read as "finally have time to do what I should be doing as in write a conference proposal that is due in one week". And thankfully, I have a place to stay.


Seeking Solace said...

Oh well, at least you can relax and exploe you new surroundings.

*statgirl* said...

I wish I could explore..but I am staying in current city with friends. And I am supposed to be writing a conference proposal, but I am reading blogs...bad, statgirl, bad girl.