Saturday, July 08, 2006

Power Packing Weekend: Day 1 Update

  • Poor Kitty! She was so excited this morning and really enjoyed that first box (we started with holiday decorations and she loves shiny tinsel!) but after getting stuck in a box and then accidentally locked out on the balcony (for only about 20 minutes), she had had enough. Now she is certain that something is on the horizon that will mess up her world and all those boxes sitting around are making her very nervous. And this goes without mentioning that there is no longer anything under the bed to hide behind....
  • Everything is cleaned out: under the bed, backs of the closets, cabinets in bookshelves. Now everything just needs a box to call home for a month or so.
  • How many old bills can one keep? I have the habit of marking them paid with the date and tossing them in a box. I have many, many boxes of said marked papers. Need to find a shredder this week....... hhhmmm??
  • Ran across many sentimental things--notes from my dad, high school & junior high yearbooks, pictures of old boyfriends, cards & letters from friends. Do I entrust these to a moving van--I think not. Need to figure out what will actually fit in my car and be saved from moving van space.
  • Received mid-day phone call from Princess who actually asked me why I was packing--"Are you taking a trip?" This is same Princess who will be found complaining that she never knows what is going on with anyone in the office. Yes, it is most defnitely our fault she rarely makes an appearance in the building and then wonders why she is out of touch.
  • Watched the movie "Crash" tonight--what a cheery film.

Stay tuned for more packing updates. . .


Seeking Solace said...

Shred utility bills after one year, credit card bills after two and taxes, mortgage, loans after seven years.

Crash is a great film, intense and disturbing, but great. I am showing it in my Critical Thinking class this week.

post-doc said...

I spent an entire day going through old bills when I moved last year. Shredding, filing, etc. You'd think that in my new home, I'd be more organized, right? Not at all - I just have another box that I'll need to deal with when I move again. :)

Good luck with the packing!

Jesse said...

Which crash? The one from a year or two ago, or the Cronenberg Crash with James Spader?