Monday, July 10, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays

Yes, it was both today--rainy and Monday. But not a nice kind of rainy--a really heavy humidity muggy rain---YUCK! Is summer over yet? {I'm not a fan.}

Good things today:
  • My class went OK-no whining about exam scores (not that I expected it from this class--my T/R class takes the whining award everytime).
  • I finished grading exams (at 2:44 am this morning)
  • Glancing around my apartment and seeing all the boxes--I had a successful powerpack weekend. Still have to do clothes, kitchen and misc items strewn on top of desks and bookshelves.
  • I rewarded myself with a pint of Dove Brownie Bits ice cream (about 2/3 remaining for rest of the week).

Bad thing today:

  • Email from SWISCU asking about extra credit. Apparently doesn't understand the sentence written in bold on the syllabus that says "There is no extra credit available in this class." SWISCU also wants a meeting after class tomorrow to discuss how to do better. Not going to happen--have an appt. with a beer.

Plan for tomorrow:

  • Dentist at 8 am (got the appt. moved up from next week--just want it done and over with--with this last minute reschedule I don't really have much time to get all anxious about it)
  • Find shredder to deal with box of receipts.
  • Think about conference proposal that is due during my moving time--must submit early.
  • Prepare myself for whining students
  • Meet the girls for summer not quite midweek 'happiness'.
  • Go to bed early.

Wish me luck......


sheepish said...

Good luck!

Sounds like a lot to do. When I moved to my current job, I had nothing else going on other than standard research. I wasn't teaching, conference going, or anything. It must be so much more difficult your way.

Seeking Solace said...

I hate it when they ask for extra credit. Maybe if they did the work for credit...