Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Summer school is O..v...e...r !!

Tonight was my last night of students at current Univ. They took their last exam as I frantically tried to finish grading their papers--usually I hand them back on the last exam night; however, with all the craze of packing and moving, I was behind and just couldn't motivate myself to get through them any faster. I ended up finishing all but 7..just did 2 more and am now left with 5 to finish tomorrow.

I plan to spend all day at the office tomorrow finishing up the grading--those 5 papers and the final exam. Then I'll just be left with conference proposal writing and working on my syllabus for the fall. Kind of glad I have a few days in the office for this purpose.

Last night at current school highlight---one of my male students cried about his grade when I told him there was no extra credit possible. I HATE it when that happens..what do you really say to a crying student??

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Astroprof said...

Yeah, I hate it when they cry. It is particularly tough when it is someone who has actually been trying. Those that don't lift a finger all semester don't get sympathy when they cry. But, for the ones that are actually nice, and have tried, then I do feel for them. But, there isn't much that anyone can do at this point. Their grades are pretty much set. Extra credit, if any were allowed, should have been done long before.