Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Key on my keyring!

I am a homeowner! I have been for almost 6 whole!

I love my house--especially the hardwood floors in their lovely light bamboo color! I'm just sad that I have to wait 22 more days to move into my beautiful new home. (I am copying PhDme's moving ticker--it's too cute!)

I had a lovely visit with Dr. Dice and the BryGuy while visiting my new city. I also spent some time with The LoveDoctor (a friend from the past and also future colleague) who is looking lovely in her 8th month of pregnancy. It's good to have friends in my new city--so glad that this is the location of my new job. :-)

I'm very glad that the only tasks (and large tasks they are) remaining are packing up the stuff and the actual moving process--the end of the anxiety filled summer is in sight. I'm easily stressed by all the minutia that buying a home and moving has required. I just want to get back to the big picture stuff of teaching and thinking about research--so much more comfortable there. [Insecurity in my work is a stress with which I am much more familiar. Sad, but true.]

Meanwhile, I am being driven crazy with student emails--this may even require it's own blog posting later this week.


Dr. Mon said...

Many congrats on your new home!!

phd me said...

Yeah! I just put my house keys on the keyring today - can't wait until I'm actually using them on the door. Congrats!!