Sunday, July 23, 2006

In transition

The movers took all my belongings on Friday morning. I am not sure where it is or when it will arrive in New Job City--hoping for an update tomorrow.

I am stuck in the middle of grading final papers and ready to give final exams tomorrow and Tuesday--it IS almost over--just the grading and the crying (my students, not me) to go. [How can the ones that cry actually be surprised by their grade ---not like they haven't been struggling all summer long. {Big sigh---I'll just never understand.}

I finished all the cleaning at the apartment today--took forever. Scary stuff was left behind where the washer and dryer were cohabitating. Eeewwww! Still have a few nails in the wall to pull out.

Not looking forward to the long drive to new job city....the 20 minutes in the car from old apartment to 'homeless shelter' (aka guest room chez DA and GB) was pure hell with the cat meowling hideously and depositing "a present" in the corner of her carrier. Any suggestions on how to calm a cat in the car??? She's old and hasn't done a road trip with me in at least 8 years???


Abbey said...

I'd try to put something in her cage that she likes or something that smells like you. When my kitty and I traveled 8 hrs to relocate, he cried for the first hour and then got over it. Although I also opened his cage door after an hour (which maybe why he stopped crying) he eventually just went to sleep in there. But good luck!

Musey_Me said...

Go to the vet and get sedatives. They may not totally silence her but they will make her act drunk which makes it easier to tolerate the wailing since you know she won't remember much and isn't suffering all that much either. Don't let her out of her carrier unless you're sure she'll stay put - the last thing you want is a freaked out cat jumping under your feet or climbing the back of your seat or.....

Astroprof said...

I used to have a cat that traveled very well. He'd be a bit upset for the first few minutes, and then go to sleep.

My cat that I have now, cries quite a bit for the first hour, and then settles down, but he used to get upset again after about 3 or so hours. I got a bigger carrier, and he is happier. Make sure that the carrier is big enough for the cat to stand up and turn around it.

As Musey_me says, don't let the cat out of the cage unless you know how she'll act. You don't want the panic of chasing after a cat that darts out of the car door if you stop for gas.