Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Temperature Tantrum!

Yes! I'm having a tantrum about the temperature--first it was 70 degrees a couple of days ago, then yesterday it snowed! Now today it is sunny, but only 29 degrees!! Crazy as this is I can live with it.
What I cannot live with is the temperature controlled environments that I live and work in--
(1) Yesterday I woke up to a room temp of 52 degrees because the heat in my home was not working. After a long conversation with the maintenance man about how I was unwilling to wait until "sometime in the afternoon" for him to diagnose my heating problem because he didn't understand my polite request for help--finally after saying "dude, it's snowing outside and I have no heat", he agreed to be there before 10am. So I was very happy when I arrived home yesterday evening to my cozy kitty basking in the 68 degree comfort of working heat.
(2) Now today, I am sitting in my university office which is registering a temperature over 80 degrees! It's 29 degrees outside--I've peeled all the layers I can peel without being dismissed for indecent exposure. Do we really only have one thermostat for 3 huge office suites? Persons in 2 of the 3 suites are suffering from heat exhaustion and the HVAC people do not think this is problem?? WTF???

Now a cranky and sweaty statgirl will return to her writing....

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