Monday, November 14, 2005


It's cold out today--after an atypical fall season thus far, it suddenly IS fall and according to the weatherman: tomorrow it will be winter!! Wait! I'm not good with sudden change. I need time to aclimate myself. Today I am actually enjoying the fact that my office has no windows.

Meanwhile in studentland.....

I, *statgirl* pledge to: (1) not answer any email that contains a question whose answer can readily be accessed on the syllabus --oh no, you lost your syllabus? --look at the copy on Blackboard!, (2) respond quickly and curtiously to all students who submit the rough draft ON TIME, (3) ignore and delete those rough drafts that are submitted AFTER the deadline, (4) deny all requests to turn in late homework assignments from students who just now realized that the optional homework assignments would have helped their grade.

Note to self: I will never again have a "homework optional" component to any of my courses because in this trial semester, the students for whom I designed the assignments did not do them.

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