Thursday, November 17, 2005

Confessions of a soda junkie.....

Sometimes I drink 4 or 5 sodas a day and I drink "the real thing" --all the caffeine and all the sugar--39 grams in one of those little cans!! And I learned today from my dentist that I am the worst kind of soda junkie: I'm a "sipper"--I keep a can on the desk at all times and keep tipping it back all day long. I learned that even if I drank an entire case in one sitting I would do less damage to my teeth. But instead, I coat my teeth in sugar and just when it starts to wear off, I drench them again. So what to do???

I can't stand the diet stuff ---if I could take it, it might be worth risking brain cancer from the asperteme instead of rotting all my teeth.

All the other drinks I like are also high in sugar--my naked fruit juice in the morning ( 20-30 g/bottle) and yes, I checked around---the natural sugar is just as bad for your teeth as sugar in soda (well, close enough anyway---and remember, I am a "sipper" which compounds the problem).

Now that it is getting colder I do drink a lot of hot tea and I don't add any honey or sugar so maybe this will help to control my need to sip and save my enamel? But what will I do when it is warmer? And will tea really take the place of my soda habit?--it's doubtful.....

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