Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Music Meme

I found this at Brightstar --music and memories--how fun!!

Song I always put on mix CD's: "Walkin' on Sunshine"--Katrina and the Waves
Song I try to woo people with:, never thought of that-I'm always trying to get people to like me for me--what's wrong with that???
Song that reminds me of my childhood: ?? no answer for this one
Song that takes me back to high school : "Lean on me"--Club Nouveau
Song that takes me back to college: "I think we're alone now"--Tiffany (Ok that was even embarassing to type)
Song that always makes me cry: "Silent Lucidity" --Queensrych
Song that takes me to my happy place: Anything 80's
Song I play to get the party started: depends on who is at the party....
First concert attended: Michael Jackson-Victory Tour/Thriller
last concert attended: Last 3--Elton John, Sarah McLachlan Alanis Morissette
artist I've seen most often in concert: Easy one...Melissa Etheridge
first record/CD I bought: Culture Club--Colour by Numbers
last record/CD I bought: Tori Amos--The Beekeeper
album I love falling asleep to: Sarah McLachlan-- Mirrorball
album I love waking up to: no music in the
Best after-hours album: not sure what "after hours" means here---after the party is over? Pink Floyd--The Wall, of course!
Best song/album for falling in love: Now, if I knew the answer to this one I would be in love, no such luck. :-(
best song/album for breaking up: Alanis Morissette
Guilty pleasure music: Musical music --Rent

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