Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A girl needs friends...

I just spent and hour on the phone with Dr. DiceSinger. She is also looking for a tenure track position and it's nice to share our experiences, expectations, and worries. Even though we are in different (but related) fields applying for different kinds of jobs, she is doing the same things, wondering about the same things, and dreaming about the same things. Perhaps even more importantly, we have similar world views and we tend to be very positive optimistic people. It's good to have a friend like the Dice Singer!!!

Other friends:

NG didn't come to work today...so it was quiet...and if my phone rings after 10pm--I am NOT answering it.

Beachgirl's car was stolen out of her garage!!! Shocker---she left the garage door open and the next morning it was gone. Her birthday is coming soon...hopefully I can cheer her up.

DA got to work at home all day yesterday in her PJ's--I'm so jealous.

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