Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another installment of "Random Sunday Thoughts"

Sunday has defnitely become my cleansing day--literally and figuratively. I always clean my house and do laundry and in the process unwind from last weeks events and prepare for a new week. Here is this weeks top thoughts--some enduring and other just frickin' annoying.....

  1. NG called me last night at 10:40 (!) to tell me that her conference proposal received the highest ratings of them all. Whoopty-f@%&in'--Do! And no, I'm not bittter--my own proposal ratings were great--I just think it's weird to announce this and it's certainly not worthing of getting me out of bed.
  2. I've got a TON of writing to get done this week--too bad I can't crawl under a rock and hide from my students. Worst of all, it is literature review type work which I absolutely detest!!
  3. Another round of job applications going out tomorrow and I must make a decision about applying to "good job in less than desirable location"....hhhmmm? I'm leaning toward 'no' seems like there are more than enough jobs posted this year.
  4. The new Harry Potter film opens on Friday--yee haw!!

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