Sunday, November 06, 2005

Random Sunday Thoughts. . .

  1. I should be ironing clothes for this week but the pants I laundered today are not yet dry. I can't put them in the dryer because I am 'the woman with 8 foot legs'. (see Jo(e) for details).
  2. I am counting down the number of class periods remaining in the semester. Is is over yet?
  3. My 'to do' list for classes this week doesn't look to bad--I may actually make some progress on my own research/writing. Could that even be possible?
  4. NG called me last night at 11:30!!!! If I am not out at a social gathering, I am defnitely tucked under the covers by 11pm (usually with a good book) and I DON'T want to be bothered.
  5. The leaves are really pretty and a recent lack of wind/rain is keeping them hanging around longer than usual this year. Why do I spend my free day inside cleaning etc. when I could be out enjoying Fall?
  6. I tried to call my friend Cat Lady last night, and about 4 times today. I also tried last weekend. Considering the only communication with her lately has been short and sweet emails, maybe I've angered her (again?). How do I always do this?
  7. I will have a great week this work week, I can feel it.

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