Monday, November 21, 2005

Countdown to the holiday

I only have to work 2 days this week but I need to accomplish what I would normally do in 5--so when am I supposed to get it done?

I've spent my morning prepping a class for today that several students will skip "because Thanksgiving is 3 days away"--what is up with that? The university doesn't close until Wednesday. I hereby vow to myself to not repeat anything that I cover today next week when the skippers return--I will answer any question that pertains to todays lecture with "you should check the powerpoint notes and textbook for the answer to that--we covered it last week". ---Yeah, right, let's see if I can really stick to that!?

Update: Not as many absent as I guessed there would be---I will be able to stick to my vow of not repeating next week.

Tomoroow I plan to show up in jeans and my most comfy sweatshirt for a day full of research related work... please, oh, please, let it be productive.

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