Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things I learned while interviewing

  1. I really LIKE talking about my research and people are actually interested in what I do.
  2. Always eat a big breakfast--you won't get much time to eat the rest of the day--people always ask you questions right as you are ready to take a bite. Meals are especially challenging when you have more than one person hosting you for the meal.
  3. Go prepared with lots of questions--even ones you don't think people will answer, they will.
  4. If you really want to know what it's like to be at that campus, ask the graduate students.
  5. Graduate students' questions are very telling about the strengths and weakness of a program.
  6. At your research presentation be prepared for questions on the most minute detail of your talk.
  7. I found campus visits to be sort of fun--anxiety provoking, sure---but in a weird sort of way, really fun to do.
  8. If it's the right job, it just feels right.
  9. Be prepared to be really tired when it's so tired you stumble on your name at the airport and get sent through the LONG security line for the full pat down. No....really.

Oh, and I learned several things about myself and how well I really can interact with people (even though I'm a stat nerd girl at heart). I have accepted a position that I just know is perfect for me and I can't wait to get there. Now.... if only that dissertation fairy would show up and lift me through these last few hoops.....

Helas....back to the hard work after a brief glimpse into my future at big research U.


Seeking Solace said...

Once again, cheers to you! I am so happy you have found something that you are going to love.

I think now that the pressure of the job search is over; hopefully the dissertation will be less of a hurdle. Besides, you have proven that you can handle a tough task!

I can speak for all the blog folks when I say we’re rooting for you!

sheepish said...

How terribly exciting! I'm glad you found a place that feels right to you; that's a nontrivial accomplishment. I agree that campus interviews are fun. It's cool to be treated like the special kid that everybody tries to be really nice to.

Dr. Mon said...

Very very true--glad u made it through the airport.

academic coach said...

These are great job interview tips. I plan to pass them along...