Monday, February 06, 2006

Random Ruminations: Monday version

  • It's a new work week and I have my course for today prepped but not the seminar for tomorrow and I am way less than motivated to get going on it.
  • 3 students have attempted to turn in an assignment that was due on Friday-- student #1 claims she didn't know it was due Friday because she doesn't have internet access on the weekends. Huhh? What? And never mind that hard copy of the syllabus you are carrying around with the dates stamped on it. Student#2 turned in the wrong assignment (so lateness is beside the point). Student #3 wrote 6 sentences, all of which have grammar or spelling errors. Now tell me that wasn't a last minute attempt for credit!
  • Official letter of offer arrived from Big Research U (BRU from here forward in blogtime). Very nice to see that letterhead and mention of real money and benefits attached to my name!! Dreaming to soon commence on how to spend those start up funds and imagining the house I will buy in BRUtown.
  • Should I go to the dentist this week or reschedule again (for the 3rd time)? First and second cancellations were legitimat job interview conflicts. Now I just don't want to ruin a potentially good writing work day dealing with numbness and drool.

OK, two more sentences in this post because I don't think ending with the word "drool" would leave my readers with a happy image. Happy Monday to one and all!!


Astroprof said...

I remember getting that letter with money and benefits. It sure felt good.

Seeking Solace said...

"I don't have Internet access on the weekends"? Is she kidding???? How did you keep from laughing in her face?

I hate the dentist! I just rescheduled for the third time, all for legitimate reasons. But it still sucks!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Students 2 & 3 just had bad cases of typoglycemia. I hear it is going around.

jordan said...

My students don't seem to read the syllabus either. Even though it outlines specifically what I expect in their lab write-ups and when they are due.