Monday, February 20, 2006

Outta here!

Project X is gone!! has left the building!!! Yes, it's out in cyberspace on the way to the editor....with the most pathetic excuse of a discussion section ever, I might add. But--> I.Don't.Care.

Now, I know it will come back in a week or less with comments that need to be addressed; but I'm going to be OK with that...the structure is there, the "stuff" is in the paper... I can make it 'all better' then. I just want too enjoy a few days 'project x free'.
What does this say about me? I have never hated a single project so much. No other project has even warrented a name in my blog before. Hhhmmmm? I need to finish writing an exam for tomorrow.
<*statgirl* trudges slowly back to her desk after a fleeting moment of happiness>


Seeking Solace said...

No rest for the weary?????

BrightStar said...

good for you for getting that out of your life!