Friday, November 17, 2006

The Week in Review

  • Draft of summer research money proposal completed--will need to reread and re-explain and rethink before Thanksgiving.
  • I have been "reading around" in my field--trying to find a theory to fit the research scenario that I have easy access to. I think I found something that will work--need to keep on reading.
  • A stack of 4 articles appeared in my mailbox this morning--example of an application of a statistical technique I've been wanting to learn more about and a colleague thinks his next data project will fit nicely. Need to find time to read more about this.
  • A stack of papers to grade and a string of emails to read from students regarding final projects/rough drafts, etc.
  • Returned corrected proofs to journal--can't wait to see it in print.
  • Invite this morning to participate in conference next fall that I was thinking of skipping. Need to do some serious thinking about pros/cons of agreeing to this presentation. How important is "air time" as an assistant prof?? Conference is in good location; but is only two weeks before European conference I plan to attend. Hhhmmm??

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