Thursday, November 02, 2006

grad student suck up

Today I got this email :

Dr *Statgirl*:

My name is "grad student suck-up extraordinaire" and I am a PhD student in the College of (other college than my own). I see that you will be teaching course X next semester and I have heard that you are incredibly organized and a wonderful instructor for this class. I know that the class is closed, but may I get your permission to enroll? I am very interested in learning X; I have enjoyed all my statistics classes. Thank you very much!


It is interesting that the Stu Dent notes that they have enjoyed their statistics classes, this doesn't lead me to believe that they have exceled at statistics. However, most importantly, this suck-up student didn't even bother to look me up online and find out that I am featured on my dept. website as a NEW faculty member--hence, all the superfluous flattery was a complete waste of Stu Dent's extraordinary suck-up skills. This is the first time I am teaching this course and GSSE will not be in it.


Astroprof said...

I occasionally get those, but usually from international students who are looking to add courses to remain full time, and thus to stay in the country on their student visa. It never made sense to me, though, since if I were doing that, I'd take easy classes, and most of mine are hard!

psychgrad said...

Well, at least it would be a nice letter if it were true...funny though. It would be a great opportunity for a hilarious response.

Abbey said...

Maybe your reputation proceeds you :)