Friday, November 24, 2006

Kitty Hyper-T : Anyone have info?

My kitty was diagnosed with hyper thyroidism today. Searching on the internet (and according to my vet) I have found that there are three main treatments (1) pills to control it for life (potential side effects) (2) surgery (have ruled this one out ) or (3) radioiodine treatment (expensive and limited treatment sites)

I have been researching the radioiodine treatment online and it seems that prices range hugely ($800-$2000)--unfortunately, the unofficial report from the site closest to me (3 hours away) is at the upper end. I'm going to check with my vet next week and see if she knows of any other sites closer to me with a more reasonable price.

The first perscription is being filled tomorrow (I didn't ask the price)--but internet sites are reporting approximately $500/ year.

My cat is 14 years old. I'm wondering about the liklihood of her being on 2 pill a day medication for life. She hates to take pills--I can probably mash them up in the gravy on her food to get them down (if they are 'crushable' pills).

Right now, I'm thinking I should go with the pills for a while and see how she responds while I do some research on the radioiodine treatment and figure out how I will get her twice a day care when I am out of town.


Anonymous said...

My beastie may have hyperthyroidism herself - just found out last week. She needs to be tested again in a few weeks. I'll give you all of the info I got, but I don't know how much that will help.

My vet presented me with 2 options - the pills and the radioiodine treatment. He said the radioiodine is expensive (and I see that's true, from your post!) Apparently most cats with thyroid problems are older than 6 - my cat is relatively young, so he said the radioiodine treatment would save me money in the longrun, but that pills are an okay option as well. He said, in 95% of cats the radioiodine works with 1 treatment.

If your cat is older than maybe the pills would be a good idea, given how expensive the radioiodine is. I don't know what the side effects are and I'd encourage you to ask - I gave my cat a medication when we saw a different vet and he didn't even tell me about all the risky side effects!

My vet's office has a pharmacy that can make almost any medication into a treat, so maybe that would be an option for your kitty? They also sell treat "pockets" that you can hide pills in. My kitty was on pills for 2 years, twice a day, and crushing them up in wet cat food worked well for her - never had a problem getting her to take the pills.

Good luck - I understand trying to make informed vet decisions! If you need any more info, feel free to email me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Statgirl --
I may have some helpful info. for you. I know a veterinary specialist who treats hyperthyroid cats around the country. But, I need to know which city you live in, to point you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Check out this site. It gives comprehensive information on feline hyperthyroidism and a phone number for the Cornell University Feline Health Center hotline. My cat was on Tapazole toward the end of her life, and she tolerated it fairly well. Good luck with your girl.