Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'll chime in with "grading sucks"!

I am so behind on grading that I am having to give an extension to students on their final papers--after all they must get the rough drafts back in time in order to review them and fix them before turning them back to me, right??

After spending hours over the weekend researching my kitty's illness; I was just too deflated to tackle grading so I watched hours of season one of LOST---and now I am totally hooked. :-)

Update on Kitty: I have found a place within 1 hour of my home that will do the radioiodine treatment for $1000--I am waiting to hear about scheduling etc. but I plan to move forward with it if all other things check out. Meanwhile she is on two pills a day mashed up in gravy..mmmm.

In work related news: I got 2 proposals out this week so far, but still have one students proposal to look over --dragging my feet on this one since I asked it to be sent to by Nov. 10 and I actually received it on Nove 26. And, yes, I did just talk about my own inability to meet deadlines, but somehow this one is really bugging me. Could it be that this is the student who is always at least 15 minutes late to meetings? the student who doesn't have many relatives left for excuses (my aunt died, my grandma is sick, etc.)? the student who begged me to let her submit her idea even though she doesn't have the data analysis skills to complete it (hence, I will have to do that part)? the student who can't seem to manage to get all the articles I requested in week 2 of the semester (gosh ILL really doesn't work well for her)? the student who is so disorganized she has sent me the exact same article 3 times, stating each time it is the one she was waiting for from ILL (but it is from a journal to which we have an online subscription)? the student who will be in my class next semester because the 'guy who taught it last year was just too hard and I couldn't figure it out'?

Oh, and tomorrow morning the very senior colleague will be late to our research team meeting so I need to get it started ---I don't even know the names of the people on the team yet--could be entertaining.

Wish me luck and keep kitty in good healthy thoughts, please.


psychgrad said...

Sounds familiar...I'm getting tired of students with excuses. Part of me wants to shake them and say, why do I care more about your eduation than you do? It just defeats the purpose of paying for classes when they don't put the effort in to learn.

I need a "Lost" weekend - after the first season I didn't watch regularly and now I'm totally confused.

Good luck with your meeting and I hope your kitty gets well soon!

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Eldest Cat has hyper-t and the medication that we give him comes in the form of a gel that we rub into the skin in front of his ear - MUCH easier than pills! Though I have heard very good things about the radiation thing, so if you can swing that, it sounds good. Best of luck to you and kitty!

sheepish said...

Oh Statgirl. I hate to tell you, but now that you're hooked, Season 2 of Lost is ridiculously bad. All the tantalizing hints and mysteries set up in season one? Go ahead and forget them.

Astroprof said...

Best of luck to you and kitty.