Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tagged. . .

by Abbey. Lots of other stuff to update on as I settle into my new home and try to get into my new office (no such luck--can you say temporary space?). More on that later. . .

For now, I must respond to being tagged for this 2's and 4's:

2 moments in your life you'd like to erase:

1. Losing my dad.
2. ??

4 moments you'd like to relive:

1. 2 weeks in the South of France traveling with my good friend T.
2. Falling in love. . . (maybe next time it will be forever?)
3. Any Christmas before the age of 15.
4. The first few weeks of college---wow, what a different world!

2 places you wouldn't go to/go to again:

1. Hhhhmmm....I can't really think of anywhere that I have disliked that much and as far as places I wouldn't go--how do I know if I haven't been there?

4 places you can't wait to visit/visit again:
1. Paris and all the little towns and villages outside of touristy France.
2. Seattle--just love the city, the weather, etc.
3. New York--love to visit, but would never want to live there.
4. Africa--I have always wanted to go there.

2 foods you can't stand:
1. I don't like really spicey hot foods.
2. Not a fan of liver and onions--smells disgusting.

4 foods you love:
1. Cheese--- Brie, Boursin, Comte, Gorgonzola, Bleu. . . . let me count the ways! mmmmm!
2. Lobster tails
3. Duck breast with a fruit sauce.
4. Mashed Potatoes.

2 songs that make you change the station:
1. That really anonying "my hump" song--uugh.
2. Can't think of another that repels me as much.

4 songs you play over and over:
1. The newest Nelly Furtado song--can't remember the name.
2. Will think about these and update later--my mind is blank at the moment.

2 books you'd never finish/read again:
1. Anything by Marcel Proust
2. There was a really popular book out recently that was everyone's book club book that all took place in 24 hours--can't remember the title--everyong raved about it--I just couldn't get into it.

4 books you have read more than once, and/or will read again:
1. Anything Harry Potter
2. Atlas Shrugged -Ayn Rand
3. A Tale of Two Cities--Charles Dickens
4. Interview with the Vampire- Anne Rice

2-4 people to tag: Hmmm? How about Profgrrrl and Phdme?


psychgrad said...

Promiscuous Girl? Nelly Furtado

phd me said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it, promise.

Good luck with all the moving in details. I definitely recommend that you stay away from $90 trashcans. What was I thinking???