Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First day of class. .

is tomorrow. And my syllabus is almost done---I've held off copying it for 2 reasons (1) I do not have a copy code and (2) I keep thinking of things to add or change.

I finally have filled out all the forms (cross your fingers for me) and gotten all the necessary approvals to get a blackboard site up and running for my class. Good thing I don't really need to post anything until next week because it has taken FOREVER! How much red tape can there be for a course shell???

The painters are supposed to arrive in the morning to paint my office--then the floor still needs to be cleaned/replaced/whatever they are doing....loooks like I might actually get moved in there by next week. I guess then I will actually have to unpack and really "be at work".

I'm looking forward to my class tomorrow--meeting new students and getting back into the groove of something familiar--all the newness and frustration with little things is getting old and I need to be somewhere confortable--the front of the classroom should be just the trick.


sheepish said...

Good luck!

Astroprof said...

Have a wonderful start to the semester!

Seeking Solace said...

Good luck!!!!!