Saturday, August 26, 2006


Tonight I missed my friends in midwest city. And no, I wasn't sitting at home being lonely. I was out to dinner with new colleagues. It wasn't the same and I know it shouldn't be the same, but that doesn't make it any more comfortable or less difficult. I don't fit in yet and I am not comfortable saying what I think or really expressing any sort of opinion. This makes for a long and borish evening. I have never been so glad as when the other guests made the suggestion that is was time to go; finally an escape. I missed being in familiar places with close friends. I've forgotten what it is like to try and figure out what to wear, appropriate arrival times, what food to bring, how to make polite conversation, etc. This is not enjoyable stuff to me. I miss salmon, asparagus, cards, dominos, dog toys, and laughter.


Abbey said...

I know the feeling. Maybe it's time for a visit with old friends?

MemoryGirl said...

I'm about to start my first faculty job this week (well classes start next week, but this one holds the ever-exciting orientation).

I feel the same way. Moving to a new place is hard.

psychgrad said...

Yeah..adjusting to a new city can be tough. It does get easier, if you keep yourself open to meeting people. It may also be that you haven't met the "right" people yet. Or, with time these people become the "right" people because you start feeling more comfortable with them and are able to act more like yourself. But can definitely be an exhausting process.