Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Bullets of Crap: Life Update Edition

Since my blogging has been severely limited in recent weeks due to placing every last word I could squeeze out of my tiny little brain onto paper in required chapters, articles, presentations, etc.; it is now time for a real blogging routine to resume.

However, in order to undertake this task, a 'bullets of random crap post' is in order to get things rolling again. . .
  • Dissertation is back from the format check---only 4 tiny things to fix in the reference section. Yea! It was well worth paying someone to deal with all that triple space, double indent crap.
  • Hotel rooms are booked for visiting family for graduation weekend
  • Defense presentation is in pretty good shape-practice run through soon to polish
  • Article is back with the editor (anticipating small changes only next go around [fingers and toes crossed])
  • Party list is made, appointment made with manager to detail food, beverage, money issues (will print invitations this weekend)
  • Still waiting for graduation announcements to arrive--not high on my list, but sure makes the family happy to get one of those double enveloped things.
  • Personal life is a 0 ...... whoa, wait! I now have time to have a personal life again--must let my friends know that I am alive.
  • Plan to go to coffee/dinner/drink/something with boy from past --why do I do this to myself? I am over least I always think so until I see him again. I'm thinking I should wait until after the defense to schedule this outing.
  • On the homefront--serious cleaning is in order.
  • Need to go to the grocery store--how is it possible that a girl that loves to eat as much as me can harbor such deep hatred for the grocery store trip.
  • Still have a stack of my students' rough drafts to read....hhhmmm? Did I mention that I needed to clean?


Seeking Solace said...

Glad to see you are back! Early congrats to you!

sheepish said...

Welcome back to your life!