Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Student Stress

Here are my student stressor highlights of the week (so far):
  • Email from Stu Dent on Monday


I am attaching my rough draft and although I am still working on the paper and making changes I would like some feedback. I did notice that the rough draft was due yesterday but I'm looking forward to your comments to help me now.

Stu Dent

Most interesting thing about this email is that this student is so @#$$% clueless that he/she can't even read the syllabus and notice that the rough draft was due over a week ago.

My response: none

  • Email from Tuesday

Dear Dr. Statgirl-

I am very much interested in enrolling in your XXXX class this summer. I have a few questions: 1) When does the class start? 2) When and where does the class meet? 3) When does the class end? 4) Can I do part of this class independently?

I should tell you that I will not be able to attend class at all until the end of June due to work conflicts.

Looking forward to your XXX class,

Dr. Future Stu Dent

Is this Stu Dent for real? " I'm completely clueless, apparently already have a PhD and can't use the internet AND , by the way, I would like to enroll in a class in which I will miss at least half of the class sessions"

My response:

Stu Dent,

All course information is on the university website. If you cannot attend class until the end of June , you should not enroll in a summer school course.


  • After exam in class today:

I get back to my office and notice that there is an error on my exam. I asked a question which was impossible to answer from the materials provided. NO ONE asked about this question during the exam...... oh geez, this is not a good sign about their comprehension of the material.

And I really want to be a professor and I'm so excited about my new tenure-track job. (Repeat 3 times.)


Astroprof said...

Ah, yes. I think I have those same Stu Dents.

Abbey said...

Oh your poor students probably thought they totally missed the boat, forgot to read something, and were too embarrassed to ask you about it. I wouldn't necessarily blame it on comprehension.