Monday, April 17, 2006

Acid Free Paper and Taxes

On my way to the post office today to mail my taxes (yes, I am a procrastinator --that is the first step of my 12 step program), I stopped at the bookstore to get acid free paper. I got the last box but it only has 250 sheets. I need to print 2 copies of my 200 page dissertation. I asked them when the next order would be in. However, the bookstore powers don't see the need to reorder anytime soon--"after all, it is the end of the semester".
When do they think we theses/dissertation writers will print our archival copies that are due on the last Friday in May???
I finally ended up at the 'help desk' defending my need for more acid free paper before July. Possibly convinced them to order, but I was not hopeful. However, as I was checking out....a guy walked in, saw my purchase and asked me where the paper was located---I sent him to the help desk to tell them that they need to reorder!


sheepish said...

Don't y'all have a Staples thereabouts? Staples served all my dissertatin' needs.

Abbey said...

Sometimes it seems like businesses on campus forget they're, like, here to facilitate the student's needs. You know, the whole reason they are in existance.

Jesse said...

Can you order paper on the internet?

Eddie said...

Good luck at the defense! :)