Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ABC Meme

Everyone else is doing it...

Accent: I'm from the Midwest where television journalists are born.
Booze: Of course! Dirty martini or a good red wine
Chore I Hate: Changing the kitty litter-yuck!
Dog or Cat: Cat
Essential Electronics: Laptop, iPod, PS2
Favorite Cologne: Poison
Gold or Silver: Platinum.
Hometown: Small town, USA
Insomnia: Only when stressed.
Job Title: very soon it will be Assistant Professor!
Kids: No thanks.
Living arrangements: 2br/2bath rental--looking to make my first home purchase
Most admirable trait: I've got some memorable traits but I'm not sure they are really admirable.
Number of sexual partners: A single digit
Overnight hospital stays: Never
Phobia: Hights make me a bit nervous, but I'm not afraid to look down.
Quote: On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essential est invisible pour les yeux. -St. Exupery
Religion: Church of sleeping in on Sunday.
Siblings: 1 sister
Time I wake up: Wake up? 6:30 or 7. Actually get out of bed? 8 or 9.
Unusual talent or skill: Hmmmm...I can roll my tongue and also turn it over.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Green peppers
Worst habit: Procrastination.
X-rays: Just teeth
Yummy foods I make: Desserts (cakes and cookies)
Zodiac sign: Sagitarrius

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