Wednesday, August 15, 2007

T minus 1....

Until the official beginning of the academic terms of contract anyway since classes do not begin for another week. However, there are students swarming back into town and onto campus....Target and Walmsrt and no longer safe places to shop. Tomorrow is the first meeting o' the year. Did I mention how much I love to go to meetings?

Today was a day o' questions: "What classes should I take?" " How long do I have to make up my incomplete?" "What books are we using?" "What do you want to teach in the Spring?" "Do you want a website for your courses?" "Can I get into class X which is closed?"

Meanwhile in my world, I spend the morning on the phone trying to track down a location which would get me foreign currency in less than 2 weeks---sometimes I forget I am not living in a large city. Clearly I put off this task too long..but finally found a bank that could help me out. Not that this issue is taken care of and I also found my passport (took an hour and half ) all the little details are ready for the trip across the ocean. Unfortunately the major issue ---finishing the paper I am going to present--is not yet complete. Will be spending some long hours this weekend working on that issue.

Oh, and syllabi need to be finished (actually just updated as I plan no major overhauls for courses I have taught before). Trying to figure out what my students will be doing/reading while I am away.

Need a little relaxation this evening.....before it all begins.


Seeking Solace said...

Best of luck this semester!!!! Have a drink and relax!

Jarod said...

Sounds like you have your hands full (but in a good way?)! Good luck with your presentation.

Anonymous said...

So good to talk to you today - still missing you like crazy!!!

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