Saturday, July 28, 2007


Evening gathering was, fun, and games. The great game table in my dining room was finaally baptized with a rousing game of "tri-bond". What do the barrier reef, Alexander, and frosted flakes have in common? --"They're greeeaaatt!" Yes, that was actually a cheesy question I got.

I've fallen for the Smirnoff tea drinks--especially the lemon. They are even better on the beach! However, we also had a more civilized rose d'anjou that was also quite tasty with the apps.

Finally unpacked my bag from the beach --kind of hoping that I wasn't really home until it got unpacked---but eventually one must unpack and wash the clothing.

Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in, read the Potter and play some Warcraft and rest up for some serious work that needs to happen this next week if I am to say that anything was accomplished this summer. The complete lack of structure these past 2 months has been horrible for me, nothing academic accomplished which is not good for pre-tenure me.

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