Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer Weekends!

I have successfully spent this entire weekend at home. Now for some people that might not be a good thing but after spending all my weekends this past winter and spring at the office working on my dissertation or some other project that had to get done; I really relished a weekend of not having to be there in my chair in front of the computer working on some project.

What did I do? I cleaned out stuff--I'm beginning the cleaning and purging that is necessary before a big move. I'm trying to get a few things together for a friend's garage sale next weekend. Any leftovers will go to goodwill and hopefully my packing project will be simplified. Still have a few more closets and boxes to sort through but the progress is encouraging and since I plan on working at home 2 days this week, there is more time to finish before sale time.

Each evening this week I watched a movie and went to bed early. I did not set an alarm and got up when I felt like it--8 am on Sat and 10:30 am today. Woo hoo..summer weekends. I need something to look forward too in the midst of all the stressful changes that are happening.

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