Sunday, January 08, 2006


by Seeking Solace

5 Weird Things About Me

  1. I hate driving. I have to drive because my city does not have decent public transportation, but I hate it. I worry about breaking down, having a flat, finding parking, being in an accident, etc. In my previous job I picked my housing so that I was close enough to walk to work. Now I have a 25 round trip commute.
  2. I am a "checker" (probably borderline OCD). I'm always getting back out of bed at night to make sure I locked the front door. I check to see that the stove top is off before I leave the house.
  3. I have conversations with the cat. [I know I'm not alone in this weird pet obsessed plane on which I live. Several others have admitted this.]
  4. I do not have huge need of having people around me. At the extreme, I detest crowded places. On a more daily basis--I have a stong desire/need to have some alone time. I never spend time with friends more than 2 (or 3 max) evenings a week. I like quiet evenings with my books or a movie and a cup of hot tea. :-)
  5. I love math equations, logic puzzles, etc. Yes, I am the person on the airplane who did all 6 of the soduku puzzles in the newest Skyways magazine and didn't save any for the next passenger to board the plane!

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Seeking Solace said...

My husband is a checker too. He has this routine in the morning before he goes to work; he checks the dryer to make sure the lint trap is empty, then goes upstairs to look in the linen closes (I have NO clue why), then he checks the back door to see if it is locked (Even if I am home), then he checks to see if all the burners on the stove are off. It can take an extra five minutes just to leave the house!