Thursday, January 05, 2006

I made it

to work before 10 am today. This is progress this week...still struggling to get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow I shooting for a 9 am arrival. Keep your fingers crossed.

Next week classes begin and I have my first interview ....must find energy somewhere. Didn't get to give my practice presentation today; however, I gave it again at home to my dining room wall (and kitty, of course). Kitty thinks its a bit of a bore and needs some spicing up. I've decided I need to cut down my intro somehow and spend more time on my model. So, again, some adjustments to make and finally tomorrow a realy audience, my advisor and whoever else I can round up at the office.

Need to copy syllabi and submit a couple more applications as well tomorrow. I'm thinking of including an app. to a post-doc position as well--just for good measure. It's actually working on a project in which I'm very much interested and even though my final goal is tenure-track faculty positon--who knows? Might as well keep the options open.

Personal life sucks right now---just to work and back home each day. I'm looking forward to my card game tmorrow night and a little kicking back before the wheel of the winter semester really gets rolling. Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain a good routine and stay on top of things this semester. I suppose I should really spell out my semester plan and goals ---perhaps on my next post.


Anonymous said...

This is going to sound like I'm being sarcastic, but I swear I'm not.

Why do you have to get to work at 9:00 am? Is there some meeting or somesuch that you need to attend?

It seems to me that academia is fraught with problems, but one of its true benefits is the semi-flexible schedule. I get it that you have A LOT of work to do. I get it that you can't get to work at 11:00 am and leave at 4:30 and get all your work done.

But, if you are having a sleepy-mornings-this-week kind of thing, is it possible to kinda go with it and come in later? Like I said, I understand this means you have to stay later to get your shit done, but maybe it would suit you better.

My holy and wonderful major professor always says that one of the things she like best about the academic life is being able to work with her energy.

Oh, and thank you very much for the pep talk. I am being too hard on myself, which is standard operating procedure around here. Standard don't mean good, tho'. A lot of it is not hearing anything yet, and feeling really scared/discouraged.

I will be sending you VERY good thoughts for your upcoming interview. You will shine, I am sure.


BrightStar said...

"Kitty thinks its a bit of a bore..."

hee! :)